Limousine Hire Brisbane - The Lure of the Limo

If you've ever been envious when you see celebrities arrive at grand events in long stretch limousines, you should know that hiring a limo is surprisingly affordable and represents excellent value. It's also a supremely practical way to get around.

When you're looking for quality limousine hire, Brisbane firms can provide you with a fine vehicle with an expert chauffeur to help you enjoy the city. These big powerful machines can hold up to a dozen passengers in comfort, which make them the ideal vehicles for a grand day or night out. They're well stocked, too, with a fine bar and a range of entertainment gear including DVD and music players.

Here are some occasions which are best enjoyed with the style and convenience that a limo can provide:

Race Days and Sporting Events

Whether you're heading off for a day at the Brisbane Sporting Club, one of the other racetracks in the area or for a round of golf at one of the area's many fine courses, travelling by limo is the way to go. There's plenty of room for a foursome and all their clubs and it's the ideal way to travel in style without worrying about drinking and driving. It's the perfect way to enjoy a boys' day out.

Casino Trips

If you fancy trying your luck at one of the area's casinos, turning up in a limo is a great way to start your evening off. Imagine yourself as James Bond for the night as you step out of your limousine and head for the blackjack or roulette tables.

Black Tie, Concert and Theatre Events

Black tie events seem to have been designed with limos in mind. They're the sort of occasions where people vie to outdoor each other in terms of style. Arriving in a limo will give you an automatic leg up.

As you can see, you don't need to be a celebrity to enjoy the comfort and cachet that comes from travelling in a stretch. Everyone deserves the good things in life.

If you're ready to experience the cool and cachet of stretch limousine hire, Brisbane's SuperStretch300 Limousines has what you need. Call us now on 0447 - 718 - 751.